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  • Date Updated: 21/05/2018

In recent times, the world’s most famous game publisher, Valve Corporation, has launched its new app on mobile devices called Steam Link. Users can use this app to play the very attractive games released on Steam’s game system. The software is in beta and needs a lot of improvement from Valve. The manufacturer requires that the mobile device owns a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection and that the PC must be connected directly to a network device such as a modem and router. Users will experience the Steam gaming experience on their mobile device without having to connect via PC. Let’s find out about Steam Link for Android software.

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Professional Game Stream Software for Mobile

In 2015, Valve developed Steam Machine project. This software will diversify the ecosystem of Steam on the majority of devices today include Smart Phone. Users can use this software to play Steam games on their Smart TVs with a special device that replaces the mouse on a PC. After a short period, this project was cancelled because it was not available to users on TV.

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In May 2017, developer Valve has once again brought this project back. With breakthroughs and advanced integration technologies, users will have the great experience and convenience provided by this software. In particular, this software will allow users to experience and play Steam Online games with the highest image quality is 4k 60FPS.

First Look: Steam Link App for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

In fact, the current Android devices can only use up to 1080P 60FPS image quality. Users will have to use a variety of different handsets such as Xbox One or Xbox One S and some other handsets that publishers specify to be compatible with Android devices.

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Users can use the Game console on the console to be able to experience the Steam game on Android. Users will have to connect to their Android TV set-top boxes and the Internet or their PC to experience the software.


Want to experience Steam games on your mobile device, Steam Link App will be a software that you can not ignore. With the new and unique features, Steam will make users feel most comfortable with their gadgets. Currently, this software is being released Beta on Google Play Store. The Valve distributor is seeking permission from Apple to make it available on the latest iOS mobile devices. You can download this software using the link at the bottom of the article to save your Internet space.