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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 11 MB
  • Date Updated: 04/04/2018

Are you looking for an application that improves your machine’s performance, cleans up clutter, or increases your battery life? Space Cleaner is an application that has all the elements you need. This is a compelling application with many attractive features. It will make you happy.

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Nowadays, many applications help you clean up or optimize the performance of the phone such as CCleaner or Clean Master. Space Cleaner is the next version, but it is inherited full of attractive features of the previous version and added many new attractive features.

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Space Cleaner APK Download is like a multi-functional brush. It can clean up all types of junk files that are generated during the process. Besides, it adds a number of useful features, including CPU coolers, RAM management, treadmill management, and more. Increase your phone’s performance by up to 50%. It’s compatible with most phones now, so even if your phone is low profile, you can use the app smoothly. The application will dramatically improve the performance of your phone.

Key features of the app

– Compact, lightweight, space-saving application: Unlike other garbage removal applications. They require you to install a lot of small utilities before they can run smoothly. But with Space Cleaner for Android, you need only this app to optimize your phone. You can easily delete large files or detect files that may harm your phone. That is why Space Cleaner is a lot of people concerned. As soon as you press the Phone Boost button, all unnecessary applications will be closed, and your device will be optimized for maximum performance.

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– Reduce CPU Temperature: After a while, your phone will be hot. This is the main reason for the shortening life of battery so that Space Cleaner can help you cool down the CPU, thereby increasing the life of the device significantly.

– Reduce memory and RAM: RAM is one of the factors that determine the multitasking performance of the device. Too many background applications cause RAM to be short. So you can turn off all applications running in the background with just one touch of Space Cleaner for iOS. You will quickly clean up all the unnecessary apps that are slowing down your device. You can freely play games without worrying about lagging.

– Advanced Booster – Super Booster: This is a great feature. It helps you to manage best applications running in the background. You can turn off all unwanted applications; your phone will be incredibly smooth.

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– Application management: Your device has too many junk applications, the application does not need. Do not worry, with one click you can delete all unnecessary applications from your device.

Space Cleaner Mod Premium is an essential application on any Android phone. You can access the link below to download the app to your phone now. I wish you a good day!