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Palette Navy APK Download is an application for those who like to take pictures on the phone. With its varied and stylish image filters, the Palette Navy combines a harmonious blend of minimalists with modern, European-style light, which brings a fascinating look to each photo.

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This is an application that is making young people around the world crazy. Different from Palette Nara, Palette Paris, Palette Tiffany … Palette Navy is a highlight. Let’s find out about this app below.

Palette Navy APK 1.2 Download – Free Photography APK Download

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Navy Palette for Android has 12 modern image filters, coupled with brightness, European clarity, which is blue sea or classic grey.

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Details on the features

Image filters are varied and sharp
– There are 12 ultra-light filters, bright and clear colours, elegant grey and mysterious blue.
– The pictures are shown naturally soft and true.
– Navy Palette has a modern filter for you to customize to your liking.
– Suitable for you to enjoy stills such as houses, trees, tables, chairs, beds and sculptures.
Navy Palette is a multi-functional application
– With 12 high-quality filters, you can preview in real time

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The full-screen effect, so you can save every moment.
– Palette Navy also supports video recording, which is allowed to preview the application of the filter on real-time clips.
– You can mute the camera if you want

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Separate photo editing
– Brightness
– Present
– Contrast
– Image saturation
– Film
– Halo
– Rotate and flip images
– High definition
– Picture
– Balloon
Save images and share them

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Palette Navy APK 1.0 Free Download latest for android

–  Palette Navy for iOS app makes sure you have the maximum image resolution. You can share your best pictures on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter, Tumblr, Messenger, Sina Weibo …


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If you are blue lovers and modern, active western lovers, Palette Navy Mod Paid is an app that you should not miss. The Navy Palette will let you own high-definition, high-definition images and videos. With the number of people installing horrible, so you should rest assured about this interesting application. Currently, the Palette Navy is available on the Google Play and waiting for anything else that you do not immediately install the Palette Navy on your device. Here is a link that you can easily install.