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  • Date Updated: 12/03/2018

Are you a photo enthusiast? Want to be beautiful in the photos. Palette Nara is an application that meets these requirements. Previously there were only photo editing applications for the iOS operating system. But now, the new Fotoable is launching a similar application for Android-powered devices called Palette Nara. Palette Nara gives you the opportunity to edit your beautiful sparkling images. Previously, there was a camera app that was widely used by the Palette Paris, but the Palette Nara made even more positive changes and was easier to use. If you are interested in the Nara Palette, read the more detailed introduction below.

Palette Nara Mod Paid latest for Android/iOS

palette nara apk update

The latest camera app for Android

Palette Nara Mod Paid brings a bright scene and great editing, bringing freshness, sparkle to every photo. Only a few changes make your original image more beautiful and clear. Sure, the Nara palette will make all your pictures look different. What was more amazing? Now install the Nara Palette on your device.

Features of the Nara Palette

palette nara apk

1. Filter

– With diversified Japanese-style filters based on the blue sky
– Has various editing effects
– Suitable for all scenery
– Customize the filter to your liking

2. Super sharp camera

– Ten real-time filters with excellent quality
– The good shooting effect, showing every moment of the photographer
– Sound can be muted when taking pictures

3. Variety of editing software

– Brightness, Exposure, Contrast
– Light brown
– Halo
– Pan and flip
– Film type
– Sharpness
– Ball
– Temperature
– Save and share photos

Palette Nara APK (Update v1.0.4) Paid

The Nara palette guarantees the highest quality of all shots, whether outdoors or indoors, in the dark or in the sun. Palette Nara for Android will bring the best image for you. You can share your favourite photos on Facebook, Instagram, Kakao Talk, Line, Twitter … The latest features have been updated by Nara Palette.

palette nara

Nara Palette adds video functionality. In addition to taking photos, you can also record your great moments with relatives or friends, or you can record every moment with your pet. The slow motion function is also quite interesting in the Nara Palette.

Overall, Nara Palette is a great visual app for everyone. Bring out the difference, more clearly in each photo. It’s great to have the best photo to post on Instagram or Facebook. Take your phone to install Nara Palette right away and start changing your pictures. Palette Nara for iOS will make you happy.