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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/03/2018

Mobiles which run the iOS operating system will have no way of changing the display interface. But the Android operating system can do that through the launcher software. This is a good point of the Android operating system. There are a lot of different launcher software on the Google Play Store. These launcher applications are beautifully designed, but they contain a lot of ads and make your mobile device slow and risky.

Launcher for IOS PRO APK Mod Remove ADS

giao dien iphone x

In recent times, the iPhone X has been launched with beautiful design and the interface is also very impressive and intuitive, creating a new wave for those who want to use this phone but do not have enough money or They hate using iOS. Today, we will introduce you a premium but lightweight software launcher which has a nice interface and does not contain ads.

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Launcher with iPhone X interface

This launcher software named Launcher for IOS PRO. It was developed by the Bling Bling Theme. Bling Bling Theme is a developer that aims to enhance the unique user experience. This software costs $ 2; you will change the looking of your Android device into a completely new interface of iPhone X.

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Features of Launcher for IOS PRO

Launcher for IOS PRO for Android has a huge and various collection of wallpapers; you can customize the background image for your device. This wallpaper is extracted from the wallpaper of the operating system iOS 11. The interface of your device settings is also changed like iOS 11; you can adjust everything such as the screen brightness, the volume … and many other functions of iOS 11. The searching tool helps you find the applications you have installed or find the results you need on the Internet. You can lock your device with a high-security passcode. Besides, developers are constantly updating their software and integrating new features.

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Download Launcher for IOS PRO: No Ads Style Theme


If you want to experience a unique interface on your Android mobile, get Launcher for IOS PRO for iOS. With remarkable features and design interface which look like the iOS 11 operating system on the iPhone X, Launcher for IOS PRO Mod Remove ADS will make your phone luxurious and fashionable.