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  • Date Updated: 13/04/2018

Sharing your location through GPS is a very sensitive issue. This can have a huge impact on your privacy and personal information. However, in many cases, sharing a location will help a lot in keeping safe and away from the attacks of the bad guys. In fact, sharing information about your location will help your loved one know where you are and can help you in times of trouble. FindNow will help you do that; this is an app that lets you and your family share location information and can help each other when needed. Of course, sharing of location information will require the consent of both parties to ensure privacy. So, you can be assured to download and use this application.

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FindNow for Android was developed by Ratech on both Android and iOS operating systems on April 6. This is a new release of Google Play and the App Store, FindNow is the first app they’ve developed. Therefore, the application promises to bring a lot of benefits to users and quickly become the popular application in the world. Let’s take a look at the features and usage of this app.

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Many useful features

As the name implies, the app allows you to search and track the location of others on your phone. FindNow for iOS makes it easy to track the location of your loved ones through their phone number. You simply download and install the app as you normally would, and send a follow-up request to the people you care about via that person’s phone number. Of course, if they agree to your requirements, then you will be able to track their position and vice versa. If you do not want to be tracked anymore, you can block or delete the request of the person who wants to follow you.

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– Location History: The app will help you capture nearby locations even when they are not online.
– Simple to use: Simply enter the phone number of the person you want to track or enter the number in your device’s contacts list and wait for the person to agree to the request.
– Security is always placed at the top; you can delete the tracking request at any time
– Especially, you can track others in real time

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Note: There are some features that will require you to upgrade to a higher version. If you want to use advanced features then upgrade to the higher version, there are many useful features in this version, let yourself explore these features. Also, FindNow APK Download will work through the GPS navigation system on your device, which may cause your phone to run out of battery.

Download FindNow APK for Android/iOS

We provide the path below for you to download the app. Currently, the app is being distributed on both Android and iOS, and you can safely download and use it in the most comfortable way possible.