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  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: $1
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

Today, the trend of “selfie” has gradually become a “spiritual food” indispensable to many people, so this is a potential market for developers to constantly develop and launch. Applications that support capturing and editing images are quality, smoother and more artistic. You can easily find an app for selfie on the Android app store, from the legendary names that have been attached to many childhoods like Camera360, Beauty Plus, B612 to the image filters that are causing the “fever” Nowadays, Studio Flat, a popular Korean programming company, has released the self-titled Feelm Soda – Analog Filters. This is the second in a series of film filters released by Studio Flat, which provides a lot of visual effects.

Feelm Soda – Analog Filters APK Mod Paid for Android/iOS

feelm soda analog filters apk


Like other photo editing applications, Feelm Soda – Analog Filters for Android is also an image editing application like Analog or Palette, Pictail. Also, this great app adds new colour tones as well. In this latest release, the developer has added Feelm Soda 10 different colour filters, improved mint green and improved image quality. Feelm Soda – Analog Filters for iOS will give you more confidence when selfie, you get the photo “so deep” whether taken anywhere. Whether it’s a vast blue ocean or high mountains, Feelm Soda can help.

Feelm Soda – Analog Filters APK is an image filter with a dominant blue tone, creating a fresh, youthful image. The app supports Android 4.1+, and you only need to pay $ 1 for the Google Play to be able to own this app.

feelm soda analog filters

New feature

– Upgrade ten different colour filters
– Customizable filter intensity
– Rich image editing tools, including image filters, brightness, contrast, sharpness, highlights, shadows, saturation
– Free photo sharing on social networks like Facebook, Messenger, Wechat, LINE …


Feelm Soda – Analog Filters MOD Paid is a great choice for those who love the sky and sea. Whether you’re a romantic, sophisticated or simply want something different, Feelm Soda’s quality filter always has what you need. It has ten different colour filters and the ability to adjust the filter intensity so you can be creative. For only $ 1, you get the best selfie picture. Be happy!