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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

Today, taking photos on a mobile phone is a very important function. Manufacturers are always on the lookout for cutting-edge imaging technologies aimed at giving consumers the best possible experience. But no matter how good the camera is, 3rd party software is an indispensable part of making an artful photo. Analog Filters is one of them. This is a series of software with different filters that allow users to customize the photo as you like. Feelm Natura APK is the third software in this series. This application includes a lot of natural and sweet colours.

Feelm Natura – Analog Filters APK Mod Paid

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About Feelm Natura – Analog Filters

Currently, you just have to browse the application market; you will easily encounter free photo editing applications such as Camera 720, B612, Pitu, Beautify, Meitu Beauty Camera … Sometimes some applications that you have to pay fees like Palette Summer, PinkMoon, Pigtail – BlueHawaii … All these applications have in common that they allow you to edit faces and different effects, expressions … But with Feelm Natura – Analog Filters will do even more interesting things. The application provides you with unique filters to help your photos have great effects like those taken by professional photographers. If you’re a Feelm Soda lover, this is an app that you can not ignore.

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Feelm Natura – Analog Filters Update v1.0.6 Paid

Feelm Natura for iOS offers you over ten different natural colour filters, and this is a great tool for you to make perfect photos. These filters are the best choice for those who regularly shoot furniture, books, landscapes, fashion … The application is also designed by the manufacturer is simple and easy to use, like most Another application of Analog Filters. You only need to select the images available in the gallery or capture directly in the application. Then you just select a suitable filter for your photo. You can also preview the changes after applying the filter, which will help you know what is the best filter for the photo. Also, the application allows you to change many other parameters of the image such as contrast, white balance, brightness …

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Feelm Natura Paid is a great application and will give you the perfect natural image. Over a period of use, I found my photos when edited in the application are very natural, smooth and fresh. Everyone can use the application simply because of the interface that the manufacturer optimizes. You can download the app on Google Play for $1, or you can visit the link below and download it to experience. Wish you have great photos of Feelm Natura – Analog Filters for Android