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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
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  • Date Updated: 10/04/2018

Are you using a mobile device that is not highly configurable? Do you feel annoyed by the Facebook application often running underground and causing your computer hang, lag…? Do you have a slow internet connection? There are many reasons why you feel like the Facebook app and need a miniature version? Then Facebook Lite is a great choice for you. This application has been launched since 2015 but until now, it’s still a lot of people love and use it regularly. Although this is only a reduced version but the features that it gives users are not inferior to the official version. Let’s explore this wonderful application through the article below.

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Ultra-light, low power consumption of the phone

One thing that makes Facebook Lite for iOS special is its ability to work. This application is only 2MB in size so almost all of the phones on the market today can be downloaded and installed quickly. Thanks to its lightweight size, the app launches fast. Besides, it also consumes very little RAM on the phone. This will not reduce the performance of your device, and will not overheat during use. This is a great app for low-profile devices and has not too much memory.

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In addition to the above-mentioned utilities, Facebook Lite APK has become a great choice as you can easily use it in areas with poor network connectivity. This app completely eliminates unnecessary ads compared to the official version. But in return, the image and video quality on the application will be less than the normal version. You can still surf the Newsfeeds in a simple way, even if your Internet connection is slow.

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A few restrictions

Because of the small size of the application interface is not eye-catching but rather poor compared to the official version. But the performance and smoothness it brings are what makes the user more interested.

Download Facebook Lite APK for Android/iOS

One more thing is that the Newsfeeds are also very minimalist. You can not use emotion labels. But it’s also pretty good that the application still allows you to comment on pictures. The application has also removed many features such as live streaming, video playback with other applications, application zoom, …

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Some outstanding features

– Messaging, chat with your friends right on the app without messing with Messenger
– Get notifications
– Share the fun of your day with friends and relatives


Facebook Lite for Android is a great choice for those who are looking for an application to use Facebook smoothly. You can download the application by visiting the link below. Have a nice day!