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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 468 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/03/2018

Fans of combat sports will certainly know about the WWE program in the United States, a wrestling show and a lot of fans around the world know. WWE matches are often dramatic between rivals that do not follow a fixed rule, wrestlers also hit the referee, get out of the ring and fight freely. However, this is a show that is more of a performance and what viewers see has a script from before. Many fans of the show knew it, but because of the wrestling performances, they still gave viewers the feeling of a fierce confrontation.

Download WWE Mayhem Apk 1.1.31 Mod Unlocked Latest for Android/iOS

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To satisfy viewers’ fervour with this program, the publisher of the Reliance Big Entertainment game released WWE Mayhem Mod Unlocked is an extremely engaging fighting game. The WWE show has been around for a long time, but recently games inspired by the show have been made.

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Reliance Big Entertainment is a long-standing game maker, and they have a lot of other awesome fighting games like Ultimate Robot Fighting, Super Pixel Heroes, Real Steel. WWE Mayhem Apk Mod is being released on both Android and iOS, and the game quickly gets the attention of players, only after two weeks of launch has reached 5 million downloads and 90 thousand reviews. on Google Play.

Dramatic gameplay

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Just like the previous fighting games, Download WWE Mayhem lets you play as a wrestler in WWE’s tournament system; you’ll have to fight against the other strong wrestlers. Fight skills are all done with the virtual keyboard on your phone’s screen, where you can strike, move and defend easily. Here are some special features of the virtual keyboard so you can get acquainted quickly with WWE Mayhem for Android.

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– Touch on the left to perform defensive moves.
– Touch right to attack face to face.
– Swipe right to attack continuously.

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WWE Mayhem for iOS also offers additional skills and special combos for each character. In each battle, at the bottom of the screen will appear an energy bar, you must constantly throw the punch to fill this energy bar. When the energy bar is full, it is time to launch special skills to defeat the enemy, combine the skills available to form a beautiful combo. However, your opponent is a great and experienced wrestler, not easy to beat opponents. Combining moves and punching will be very important in every game, if done well you can win very quickly.

Diverse character system

WWE Mayhem

What I like the most in WWE Mayhem Apk 1.1.31 Mod is the multiplayer system, and there are a lot of WWE stars, this is a compliment when the publisher Reliance Big Entertainment has acquired the rights of the tournament and the big stars. To unlock these superstars, you need to fight hard and win, after each win you will receive a lot of gifts from the organizers including energy drink, prize money to unlock the multiplier next object.

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If you are lucky enough to have superstars, each character has a very high star rating. There are a lot of celebrities like John Cena, The Rock, Andre Giant, Triple H, Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Jinder Mahal, Kalisto, Big E … You will have a great experience when controlling the idol stars competing in a battle.

WWE Mayhem for iOs – Android Gameplay + Download

Simple graphics

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WWE Mayhem Mod Unlocked is designed to remove superfluous details and retain only the details of the characters. This is a classic arcade style design more than two decades ago. However, that does not affect the appeal of the game; the main characters are designed to be unique and easy to recognize. With such a simple graphics, the game is only 700 MB in size and perfectly suited for low-profile phones.



WWE Mayhem is a very attractive game that you should not miss. If you are a WWE fan, this will be the right choice, to play in the superstars and play against the opponent is a very different experience of WWE Mayhem. Please download the game below the path for the two Android and iOS operating systems.