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There is a lot of music software on mobile phones like Gaana Music, Spotify, Apple Music … We will introduce you a new option – Deezer Music. Deezer Music allows users to listen to the high-quality music and download songs. This app has over 100 million downloads and installations on the Google Play Store. This is a huge number for a mobile music app. Let’s find out more about Deezer Music.

Deezer Music APK v1.0.2 For Android/iOS

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Download Deezer Music offers you high-quality songs to enjoy. The songs are encoded at 320kbps, which will give users the perfect experience enjoying music.

Deezer Music – huge music library

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When you register for Deezer Music for iOS, users will enjoy a huge library of music with over 43 million songs. Many genres like the latest songs on weekly charts or music genres are no longer produced and composed. The music library includes many songs from the 90s of the 20th century to the most recent new songs. Deezer Music’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to accustom the features of this application quickly. Users will quickly find their favourite songs with artist, country, album … Deezer Music is very well optimised for users of all ages to use.

Features of Deezer Music

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Users can download songs and listen to music offline. You search your favourite album, with one tap on the download, the application will download the entire album for you. This saves a lot of time when users want to find their favourite songs on the album. You can download multiple songs to your device at the same time. Apple Music also has this feature, the download speed of Deezer Music is slower than Apple Music. The downloaded files are saved as audio files in the device without encryption such as Apple Music.

Download Deezer Music Downloader APK

Set up a personal account and share your song. Only Deezer Music APK owns this unique feature. You can create your profile, share your favourite songs on that account. You can also stream music online for your friends to enjoy.

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Listen to music directly from broadcast stations. This feature of Deezer Music allows users to tune in to many music stations. You can listen to and choose music genres anytime.


Deezer Music for Android will satisfy all your needs, massive music library, diversified and unique features. Deezer Music is your music software. You can download Deezer Music via the link below the article.