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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 11.0 or later
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  • File size: 48 MB
  • Date Updated: 13/03/2018

AR MeasureKit is an interesting application; you will engage in measuring distance in a real space. You can measure everything like measuring line, angle, curve, volume … AR MeasureKit is an application that will give you comfortable moments.

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AR MeasureKit for Android has all seven different measuring tools; the application will help you to measure everything very accurately without the need for a measurement. In fact, you need to measure the distance you need to measure or measure the angle; you need to measure the angle, or measure the volume, volume and curve you need to measure and calculate the results. But with this application, your measurement process will become simpler and much faster.

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AR MeasureKit is a free application for Android

Download AR MeasureKit is support for Android devices with virtualized metrics and metrics thanks to Apple’s new AR technology on iOS devices. This Android version of AR MeasureKit is also an app that makes it easy to capture everything on your Android device.

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AR MeasureKit has all seven tools for measurement support

– Ruler: Measure all lines on any surface, such as on a wall or table.
– Battery Generator: Measure the distance from the device of the camera to every fixed point in space.
– Measure height: You can measure your height or loved ones easily with the AR MeasureKit application.
– Curve: Measure by moving on your device in the real world.
– Angle Measurement: You can measure any angle so that you can know the angle how many degrees.
– Measure the volume: You are curious as to what is in front of your volume, AR MeasureKit will help you know it.
– Level: Check whether the object is horizontal and vertical, rectangular or straight.

AR MeasureKit App Download

In the same measurement and measurement of the area of the plane connected to that line, the Ruler tool will allow you to quickly link multiple segments together.
AR MeasureKit for iOS offers an extremely smooth, high-precision measurement experience, including extremely varied measurements. Most other similar AR applications available on the market are limited to table and floor measurements. With the AR MeassureKit, you can easily measure every image on every vertical plane.

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AR MeasureKit is an application that helps you measure everything when your curiosity about size, angle, the volume of objects in front of you is answered. AR MeasureKit helps you relax in your free time. Please install the AR MeasureKit on your device using the link below.