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Just after Apple’s launch, Apple Music has received acclaim over the world, quickly becoming a direct competitor to Spotify. Now Apple Music has reached 100 million users in over 100 licensed countries. Apple Music has now become an indispensable application on every smartphone, enabling us to enjoy music every day. To those who use Android, do not worry, just have an Apple account, you can use free Apple Music. The services Apple Music offers are not small, so you have to pay fees based on the country you live. For example, you would have to pay $ 9.9 a month if you live in the United States.

Download Apple Music Apk Mod Premium for Android

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Giant music collections

Apple Music Mod Premium owns a huge collection of music that is full of songs from the last century to the new songs. Apple sets strict standards for the quality of the songs on Apple Music, most of which are from the studio so you can enjoy albums in the past decade with the highest quality.

apple music apk

Songs arranged by Apple for each topic, artist, album help users to find quickly. Moreover, you can create your page, where you can share all your favourite songs, create a playlist of songs depending on your mood.

Download and listen offline

apple music free

Download Apple Music allows you to download all the copyrighted songs and store them on your phone, so without the network connection, you can still relax with the downloaded music list. However, when you delete apps or log out of Apple accounts, downloaded songs will no longer be on your phone.

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Synchronize with Apple devices

If you’re an Apple user, Apple Music for Android is the perfect app for you; everything is fast and accurate. Music after downloading from this device will immediately sync with other devices. However, like Netflix, you can only listen to music through an account that has been signed into the device for a certain period of time. You must use the master package if you want to listen to music on more than one device, you have to pay a higher fee.

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Apple Music for iOS also has a large music store; the new music videos are updated with the best quality that does not look inferior to Youtube or VEVO. Apple Music has become one of the best quality music services, with just one Android 5.0+ device and an Apple account, you can enjoy your music wherever.